As I was finishing my degree on UW I decided to take a chance and cross the street. Although I’ve heard scary stories about professors on the Academy of Fine Arts – best case scenario they will simply laugh at an amateur like me, worst – eat me alive. Fortunately not all of them are […]

It’s high time to introduce you to my workshop! A place where I spend most of my time, drink lots of tea, slouch over the wheel, I talk to myself when nobody listens, where I’m not scared of spiders, I pack your orders and where I generally live as planned – in happiness and clay! […]

I want you to meet one of the most important things in my studio (in case of a fire I would definitely grab it in one hand before running for exit 😉 ). Scales! Without it I wouldn’t be able to do so many similar cups and mugs. Wouldn’t know that this big bowls is […]

Trimming is one of the most pleasant and relaxing stages of work. Like most potters, I do one day of throwing/one day of trimming (for me it is Monday / Tuesday and Thursday / Friday respectively). Somewhere in between ( Wednesday) I do the rest: glazing, packing and unpacking of the kiln, cleaning etc. Although […]