As I was finishing my degree on UW I decided to take a chance and cross the street. Although I’ve heard scary stories about professors on the Academy of Fine Arts – best case scenario they will simply laugh at an amateur like me, worst – eat me alive. Fortunately not all of them are true or at least not at sculpture faculty. As part of the Open Academy I started my classes in Professor Brach’s ceramic sculpture workshop where I met Patrycja. She saw me trying to move my sculpture to take better pictures of it (I wanted it to go on exhibition) and nothing brings people closer together like carrying 30 kg of clay…

We took pictures and my sculpture (may it rest in peace on my balcony forever) went on that show. A year late I found a perfect studio space and started to look for someone to share it with – and that’s how I found the best roommate in the world.

We’re able to work in silence side by side or take long tea breaks and chat, we go shopping together as carrying tons of clay is a tradition by now and it’s much easier together, we discuss our ideas and technical issues, sometimes we design things together, we also have an informal division of duties – I’m responsible for unclogging the sink and keeping it clean and she does the mopping of the floors BUT the most important thing the support! Patrycja comes to all my Christmas markets and fairs to help me set up the stand and as she is a better saleswoman that I’ll ever be I like when lingers and talks with you guys!

So after this long introduction I can finally get to the point. There beautiful clocks you ask about when you visit my studio, paintings and vases are all her work. Handcrafted and perfected for months are finally ready and you’ll be able to see them in Decembers fair Targi Rzeczy Ładnych / ZIMA! This time I’ll be her support and assistant setting up the shelves, fetching sandwiches and coffee. That’s us in the picture! Lumo Cearmic and Barkowska (for now only on facebook) in our studio. My mugs and bowls, her paintings and clocks. Keep an eye one her as she a great artist!

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