Ceramic Workshops for Companies and Groups

I’d like to invite you to explore the world of ceramics through my mobile ceramic workshops! I’ll tailor them to the specific needs of your company or group. I’ll organize them at a location of your choosing and take care of everything from providing materials to professionally conducting sessions in Polish or English.

There are two options to choose from:

1. One-time Meeting – Bisque Painting

During this session, participants will have the opportunity to cover ready-made bisque ware with special ceramic paints and engobes, creating their own unique projects. It’s a great opportunity for team building, self-expression and creative relaxation from daily duties. The session lasts about 2 hours. Pieces are ready in about 2 weeks.

Price: 160 PLN per person

2. Two-stage Workshops – Handbuilding and Glazing

IDuring the first session, we work with clay and make 1-2 vessels using 2 techniques: coiling and/or slab building. Duration: 2 hours.

After about 2 weeks, we meet again to decorate the items made earlier. I’ll teach you how to apply engobes and glazes. This session will last about 1.5 hours. Pots are ready in about 2 weeks.

Price: 350 PLN per person

Why choose me?

  • Mobility – I travel to your location and organize workshops at your company or another place of your chosing within Warsaw.
  • Integration – Ceramic workshops are a great way to foster team integration and develop creativity.
  • Education – Participants will gain practical knowledge about ceramics and its techniques.
  • Unique experience – I offer a unique experience that combines learning with fun.
  • Quality – We’ll work with stoneware clay, and all your work will be fired at high temperatures, ensuring they are fully functional. They’ll be dishwasher and oven safe!

I approach each order individually, tailoring workshops to the specific needs of the client. Contact me to discuss details and book a date at lumo.ceramic@gmail.com.