I’m starting from the beginning

Three years after the last entry, I decided to give myself a second chance and get back to writing a blog.

As you can guess, a lot has changed since my last entry …

First and probably most importantly, I’ll soon hit three years in my own studio. When I think that in the beginning my wheel stood squeezed between my bookcase and the desk (both tightly wrapped in plastic foil) and I would bring my dirty brushes to the kitchen sink to wash – the more I appreciate having my own space where I can get dirty.

Secondly, maybe even more importantly, during these three years I sat through thousands of hours at the wheel and I now feel more and more confident in what I do. Although I’m certainly not ashamed of my first mugs (one of them broke but I still drink coffee in the other one), still there is no comparison with what I do now. It’s a very nice feeling.

I reactivate the blog mainly to show you what I do and – I hope – to persuade you to appreciate all handcrafted items!

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