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“Open Wheel” Sundays is an opportunity to relax, have a good time and practice throwing!

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About the workshop

“Open Wheel” Sundays is an opportunity to relax, have a good time and practice throwing!

What will I do?

The idea is as follows: on selected Sundays you can come by the studio to throw pots!
If you come just once – your work will be recycled, but if you decide to come by for two following Sundays you can choose three of your best work, trim it during the second meeting and we’ll bisque fire it for you! Please note that glaze firing is not included in this workshop option.

Is it for me?

“Open Wheel” Sundays are intended ONLY for people who already have experience with throwing and trimming or attended “Full Circle” course in my studio.

What do I provide you with?

I’ll provide you with aprons, necessary tools, all the clay you might need and lots of tea 😉

What are the available times and dates?

Workshops are held only on selected Sundays between 10.00 and 13.00, and run by my studio assistant Zuzia.

How to make an appointment?

After purchasing the workshop, contact me by e-mail and I’ll let you know when we’re planning to hold the next meeting. Latest news and dates also appear on my Instagram feed.

Price and duration

“Open Wheel” Sundays last 3 hours and cost 150 PLN per person. There are only three wheels in my studio, therefore only three people can take part in the workshops at the same time.

How to prepare for workshop?

Please wear flat shoes and comfortable clothes, bearing in mind that despite the apron you might get a little dirty (nothing to worry about – clay washes of easily). I always advice (especially the girls) to keep their nails short – otherwise it might make working with clay difficult.

Also trousers make more sense when you sit by the wheel.

Remember to have your mask with you! 🙂


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